Friday, January 22, 2016

YESTERDAY I got a new postcard with ID (not direct swap) from Monique family of Netherlands. She wrote:

Hello, and greetings from
the deltaregion of Zeeland in the
southwest part of the NL.
I wish you a Happy New Year and
Happy Postcrossing.


Then, I also received a postcard from Yuki, Japan. She wrote:

"Hello! Mr Wak =)
I'm Yuki from Japan.
How are you?
When this postcard arrives,
the New Year begisn, and
approximately one month passes.
What do you do?
My hobby is postcard collection
of the world =)
Happy Postcrossing!!
From Yuki"

Another postcard was coming from my neighbor and the popular miss Sally Samsaiman. I asked her to send the postcard through the post office so that I could get the stamped chopped postcard from Malaysia! Thank you cik Sally. She wrote:

"Salam Wak!
Ni orang jauh hantar poskad!
Disebabkan wak nak cop, jadinya
Sally kirim kat pejabat pos,
mintak tolong copkan ;)
INgat nak share entri pasal
Jinafen ni, tapi belum siap
lagi tulisnya. Nanti dah siap,
sally share kat Wak!
Btw, selamat mengumpul poskad
ye wak. Tabik kat hobi =)
Regards, Sally Samsaiman =) "

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  1. bertuahnye wak punya ramai kawan dalam minat yg sama :)