NO. 22, 23, 24: TAIWAN, RUSSIA, UK

Thursday, February 04, 2016

THIS WEEK I got 3 more postcards on my Masai mailbox. The first postcard was coming from Lujie of Taiwan which shows the sunrise view on Ali mountain. She wrote:

"Hello Wak Tiga Lalat,
This postcard is from Taiwan.
The sunrise is at Ali mountain.
Hope you like it.
How do you think about Taiwan?
Have you ever came to Taiwan?
And how do you think about
Malaysia? healthcare is ok?
I know some doctors graduated from
the university in Taiwan and work
in Taiwan. Some nurses (my classmate)
also from Malaysia.
By the way, may I swap a postcard
with you? xD Happy postcrossing.
by Lujie"

Hi Lujie, I really like your sunrise postcard. I never been to Taiwan and would love to visit Taipei 101. The healthcare cost on our private hospitals is tremendously high, while the government hospital we need to queue very long. Yes, we can swap postcards!  ;p

The second postcard from Pashazzz (Pavel) of Russia. He sent me a Russia building but the description I cannot understand. Can you translate for me? Anyway, he wrote:

"Hello and welcome to
postcrossing. Hope you could like this card
and this stamps.
Wish you a happy new year."

Pavel's card was sent on 31st December 2015 and that's why I still getting the new year speech. ;p Thank you.

The last and not least postcard was coming from Kerri of United Kingdom. She wrote:

"Hi Wak Tiga Lalat :)
I apologise for taking so long to send
this card. I've been very ill but am
now getting much better finally.
My name is Kerri, I am 38 and live in
the cotswold region of England, it's
very pretty here! I see you like
the greetings from card and when I
checked you had non from UK so I
hope you like this one :) If you'd like to
send one in return, please feel free to
message me and I'll send you my address :)
Wishing you a very good
new year ahead!

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  2. wow, lebih sebulan jugak tu yg dari Russia :D Teringin nak tanya, Wak buat apa dgn all these postcards?

    1. it's postcards collection, simpan je la., hobi katakan ;p

  3. Great pictures, beautiful poscards and wonderful friends all over the world.
    Kipidap Wak

  4. menarik bertukar2 kenalan dr pelbagai negara.
    sekarang dh ramai jgk y ada hobi mcm ni..