Friday, February 12, 2016

SURPRISINGLY today I received postcard after going back from Friday prayer.

The first postcard is a GF (Greeting From Russia) card from Irina (istai) of Saint Petersburg, Russia. She wrote: "Hello Wak Tiga Lalat! My name is Irina, 23 29 y.o Next month I'll be 30 y.o. I like travelling, so I decide to meet my 30 years abroad. I'm going to Cuba! It will be my first time there. In Russia is a real winter now. We say 'real', because we think that real winter when it's snow and cold ;) So, it looks like you dont' have winter in Malaysia :) I wish you to live in harmony and do what you like! Have good weather! Happy postcrossing! - Irina 19 Jan 2016 -2 deg celcius"

The second postcard is coming from Camille of Stevenage United Kingdom. She wrote: "GB-741433 My name is Camille. I am 29, French and I have been living in the UK for almost 4 years. I live in a town called Stevenage, located between Cambridge and London. I am sorry I dont have cards of landmark or historical sites. So I hope you wont mind this card of a typical building of London ;) Best wishes and happy postcrossing - Camille"

The third card is from Karine of Ottawa, Canada. She wrote: "CA-601646 Hello, My name is Karine. I live in Ottawa, Canada's National capital. I chose to send you this card because I'm going to Kingston on saturday on a brid watching adventure. We are hoping to spot a large variety of species. Happy Postcrossing! - Karine. =) "

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  1. wakkk ! pening arh...

    Irina tu cakap umo dia 23 y.o and next month gonna be 30 y.o .. cemana tu wak ? ke SN yang salah baca ?

    1. harhar2 wak yg silap tulis., nnti wak btolkan yee ;)