Tuesday, March 08, 2016

TODAY I prepare 4 more postcards to be sent out. Surprisingly, all of them with postcard IDs, which means no direct swap. There are:

1. Debbie Taggart, Oregon, USA (MY-306869, Vespa)
2. Wong Ling chih, Beijing, China (MY-306874, muar)
3. Anke Atzler, Melle, Germany (MY-307247, Melaka shophouses)
4. Yu Chiau Yu (Katy), Taichung, Taiwan (MY-307246, Melaka church)

Meanwhile, on the other address, I got few more 'direct swap' postcards from Cik Norazlin (Plentong), Bang Bang of the Philippines and Ilkin Teymun of Baku, Azerbaijan. Also a postcrossing ID (NO. 46) postcard coming from Rachel of Taipei, Taiwan. She wrote, "TW-1870701 Hi Wak! I'm Rachel from Taipei, Taiwan. This card was bought when I travel to Macau! I also collect stamps, hope you like the ? on this card? Have you ever been to Macau? The bungee jumping is crazy!!! You should try it!! " Hi Rachel, I never been to Macau but I would like visit someday. Thank you for your temple postcard!

I also received for the first time a GF from South Korea. Thank you to Jiwon. ;p

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