Thursday, February 02, 2017

Today I received 4 new postcards which the postman (or postlady?) put them on my house gate. I reckon later that he (or she) couldnt put them on the proper mailbox due to my daughter's car blocking the access to it. It's okay, but luckily it was only a grizzly rains.

For the postcards,

1. Florian, Austria, "Best wishes from Austria!"

2. Simone, Germany, "Dear Wak Tiga Lalat, this is the only sunshine postcard which I had at home for you. I hope you will like it. At the moment the meadows and forests look diffrently. It's winter over here and we have minus temperatures and frosted trees. Many greetings from Germany, Simone.

3. Jacinta, France, "Hello, I like to travel. I will soon leave in Lisbonn. I watched documentaries that made me think a lot - Earthlings and conspiracy. Do you know? They are very hard videos but I think we all look. I wish ou the best in 2017. Jacinta.

4. Jill, Canada, "Greetings from NE Ontario. WE are a way from seeing this scene, as the lakes are frozen. We have some snow on the ground but generally it has been a mild winter, so far. I have postcrossing for over 2 years, so enjoy seeing what will be in the mailbox. Hope your mailbox is full of great cards! Jill"

Thank you guys! I appreciate it very much.


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  1. cantik. ! wah ! wak dah kembali beraksi

    1. hehe thanks cik Siti tuuhh., aksi biasa2 aje naa

  2. ms sekolah biasa cikgu akan tnya. 'what's your hobby guys'
    'collecting postcard, teacher' tapi masa tu xpaham pun poskad tu apa ..ngeh2 ngeh

    1. kalo dah selalu baca blog '3lalat' wak ni, skrg mkcik dh paham kan maksud '3lalat' nih? hikhik2

  3. Wah .....ramainya penpall 3L...senang kalau travel oversea ni. Ada tour guide