Monday, January 04, 2016

YESTERDAY morning when I opened my mailbox in Ampang, I saw 2 postcards. The former is coming from Mariette of Dortmund, Germany, wrote:


Hi Wak, my name is
Mariette and I live in
Dortmund, Germany.
In December I only 
sent X-mas cards, 
but I wasn't sure if you 
would like one. So I 
chose our fooball
Stadium instead.
It is only 10 min. from 
where I live. Maybe you 
have heard of our team
Best wishes and belated
birthday wishes too.

This is the second postcard I got from Germany in a row. Hi Mariette, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful postcard. Yes, I dont celebrate Christmas and the football stadium is fine with me. ;)

The latter postcard I received from dear cik Huda who was visiting New Zealand last month and driving by herself non-stop for 8 hours! What an iron lady she is! Eventhough the postcard was from New Zealand, but the stamp is from Australia, perhaps from where she posted it. Anyway, I would like to thank you too for remembering our friendship "yang utuh nih". Chewahh!

Cik Huda wrote:
"Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hi Wak =)
Poskad from NZ, Stem from Oz. Hi Hi Hi...

Have a good day ahead.
Thanx for reading hnr318. blogspot.

psstt: Best Ooooo NZ =) "

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