Monday, January 04, 2016

FOREWORD. This blog is only for postcard activities. The main photojournal is still available HERE.

YES, I am happy today because when I checked my mailbox and I saw 3 poscards inside!

The first postcard was coming from Ms Alina of Almaty, Kazakhstan. She wrote:


Warmest greetings
from Kazakhstan!
My name is Alina
and I live in Almaty.
In Almaty there is
a big mountain ice
rink. Recently the 
skating season was 
opened and I love 
to go there with
my friends. The
ice rink is called
With best 

Thank you Alina. I like your lovely and energetic postcard!

The second and third postcards were coming from Tokyo, Japan for direct swap! Hiroko-san wrote:

"Hello, Wak! I'm Hiroko
from Japan. Thank you for
direct swap with me.
This postcard is Himeji
Castle (World Heritage)
very huge castle. I love
this castle because there
are so many wild cats
around castle!!
I'd like to go to Malaysia
Best wishes,

Hiroko-san, why I cannot reply message in your postcrossing mailbox? Can you check, please. Domo arigato.

And Ms Lyo also wrote:

"Hello Wak!
I send hou a card of rosy
clouds over
Mt. Fuji. I do not know if
it's sunrise or sunset. But
looks like sunset?
I have more choices for
the stamps of 80 yen
which is required only 1
stamp for a postcard.
Sending a normal card
internationally requires
only 70 yen. :)

私は大阪に研修に行ってきましたし、それが26年前をされている1990年に東京を訪問しました。私は非常に日本を逃しました。私の日本語が悪いので、私は申し訳ありません (Sumimasen, Watashi wa Ōsaka ni kenshū ni ittekimashita shi, sore ga 26-nen mae o sa rete iru 1990-nen ni Tōkyō o hōmon shimashita. Watashi wa hijō ni Nihon o nogashimashita. Watashi no nihongo ga waruinode, watashi wa mōshiwakearimasen)

Arigato gozaimasu for both of you, Hiroko-san to Lyo-san.

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