Thursday, January 14, 2016

TODAY, I received 2 direct swap postcards. One is from Hannah, Germany. The second swap postcard is from Lyo of Tokyo, Japan, for the second time. Her first postcard was updated previously >> HERE.

Ms Hannah (Hanay) wrote me:


on this postcard you can see our suspension railway that we have in Wuppertal. It was built 1901. I like to travel and hope that I can travel to your country someday too. Have a nice day. "

While Ms Lyo wrote:
"Hello Wak!

Thank you for the beautiful card of Masjid Jamek. At the end of 2015, I have been to Nagasaki. This is Gunkan-jima (= battleship island) which is now Unesco WHS. You can check its history on Wikipedia as "pulau Hashima". :) "

And before that, I sent 2 postcards to Ms Oscana (Oksanchik) of Russia and Martin Steblovnik of Slovenia. I hope they will receive it soon.

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