Sunday, January 10, 2016

LAST weekend I received 2 more swapping postcards from Gloria Keung of Hong Kong and Noraa from Budapest, Hungary.

Ms Gloria wrote me:

"Wak Tiga Lalat,Hello! It is sorry that I send this postcard late... This card showing a nightview of Hong Kong. Hope you like it. :)The harbour on the picture is called "Victoria Harbour". Wish you all the best! :)"

Noraa wrote:

"Please write me a message if this card arrives, so as I know sending was okay. :)Hello! I am No'ra from Hungary and I am really happy for swapping cards.I've chosen you this card because this is my favorite place in the city (Budapest). This is Liberty Bridge and this is the most beautiful bridge here. It was built in 1896 but destroyed in the second World War, so after it needed to rebuild. On the top of it you can see turul bird statues (these birds are important in the origin myth of Hungarian people). I hope you'll like this card!Best wishes: No'ra"

Hi Gloria and Noraa, I like both of your cards. I really like photographs of night scenes like yours. Thank you very much for sending me the beautiful and awesome postcards. I hope my postcards will reach you soon too. Hopefully we will keep in touch in the future again.

Updated. 10/1/16. Noraa told me that she has received my postcards as well! I am so happy to hear that.

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