Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Today I am going to send 4 more postcards to the following postcrossers:

1. Marc Migge, Ellern, Germany.

how are you?
I'm deeply sorry that I didn't answer right away as I normally do.
Our family pet dog is ill and I'm not able to focus my thoughts on anything else.
Your postcard will be put in the mail tomorrow, I've found one that fits perfect with your wishes, from the town where I work at a small printing company. :-)
My address is (best copy & paste, print and glue it to the postcard)

2. Andrea Galdames Garrido, Concepcion, Chile.
"I love it!
My address is:
Send me your address.

3. Mihail Peleah, Istanbul, Turkey.

“Hi! Will be happy to swap. Please send me your address and card preferences.
I would like to get a map card or cat card, address is below: "

4. Arcadi, Grenada. He says on his postcrossing profile that he will swap the postcard after receiving the sender postcard. I will cross my finger on this one.

I hope they will receive my postcards soon with no trouble.

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